Ben and Devon Rousseau

“We have been coming to River of Life for roughly three months. We love the intimate family-focused service and the community-centered congregation. Right now, the church is seeking a new pastor, but each pastor who has spoken up to this point brings a message that focuses on our fallible human ways and how to be more like Jesus. How to judge others less, and love them more. After all, it wasn’t the righteous Jesus sought out, but the sinners. River of Life welcomes all and we’re glad to be part of their family.”


Keira Twohy

“River of Life has been my church almost all my life, and there are several things that make it special to me. Our community, warm relationships, and adaptability.
I think our community is notable because of all the connections we have made, even with people who are not members of River of Life. From the other churches we are in contact with to the people who regularly show up to our events, it’s heartwarming.
While our relationships may not be unique to us, I think that they are still worth remembering. We work to connect with more than just the people we talk to every Sunday, and I think that’s one of the reasons our community is so extensive.
Finally, it is only because of our community and relationships that we are able to adapt. Not long ago our church burned down. After more than two years with another church, we were able to rebuild, to adapt, because of the work we put in and the help we were given.
So yeah, River of Life is special to me.”

Robert Norton

“We have always been involved in the activities and work of our church.  For many years we were part of a large church with lots of hands to help.  We found River of Life, a small and new congregation with lots of opportunities to be involved.  Some extra hands were needed and welcomed. The congregation is amazing with total voluntary involvement by everyone in fellowship, stewardship and any activity or project that we take on.  It makes the congregation feel like family.”


Elaine Pfeiffer

“I drive past at least six churches on my way to River of Life.  Why?  The people are friendly, and the sermon is focused on the Bible. All churches struggled with COVID, but the strength of the fellowship bonds bought River of Life thru a catastrophic fire. Today we have a completely rebuilt facility. Another benefit is our praise of God.  Many churches give one the impression of dogged persistence.  But we are joyous in the Lord.  We like to celebrate, especially on the last hymn when we use our noise makers to a peppy tune.”


Ladonna Lindley

“Listening to traditional hymns played on the piano so beautifully by Carol and Elaine brings me back to River of Life each Sunday to hear more. I appreciate worshipping the Creator of the Universe in quiet reverence. And the fellowship is great too!”


Gerry Cronquist

“I like that River of Life is a Lutheran church. It is easy to get to and very close to my house. The people at River of Life are very friendly and caring. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do, we are all accepted as children of God. Whenever there are projects or programs, people pitch in to help. You are never left feeling alone. River of Life has been blessed with having many talented members. We have a strong faith in God. We love our church, our members and God.”


“River of Life has a very strong sense of cooperation.  It seems everyone volunteers at some level…at whatever level their life allows them to. There is very little in-fighting or pettiness.  Everyone seems to get along and are supportive of other’s ideas.  It is a very friendly, welcoming church.
RoL is the ‘eatingest’ church I have belonged to.  Along with the eating comes the fellowship and the social bond that exists among everyone.
The teaching aspect of the church is strong.  I have learned so much and my faith has grown since being at RoL.”